Meet the 'real-life Sherlock Holmes'

Sherlock fans have a long wait ahead before their favourite detective makes his return, but a real-life master of deduction is sharing a few tricks of the trade

Think Marlowe co-wrote plays with Shakespeare? Don’t kid yourself

Researchers have decided Christopher Marlowe’s work on Shakespeare’s plays was extensive enough that he deserves a credit in future editions, but just how reliable is the technology used to come to such a grand conclusion? Darren Freebury-Jones questions the move

Channel 4, the champion of yoof

If the broadcaster is to be part-privatised, will it lose its edge? Mike Bolland, the channel’s first youth controller, recalls how an ‘alternative’ public remit led to blowjobs at teatime, ‘fuck’ counts, sacrilegious cigar commercials and scandal-hit ministers (nearly) unmasked: no wonder Mary Whitehouse wasn’t a fan


Political satire in Putin's Russia

Even amid the Kremlin’s suppression of mainstream media, dissenters are finding humorous ways, through posters, rallies and social media, to flag up high-level corruption