Election 2017: You can still vote if you're in the queue at a polling station at 10pm

Even if you're outside, you can still vote

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Voters can still cast their ballot so long as they are in the queue when polls closed.

Polling stations have been open since 7am, and will officially shut at 10pm. But so long as people are waiting outside then they'll be able to cast their ballot.

Those queueing in the polls are being urged to ensure that they are just waiting outside of their polling station – rather than necessarily having cast their vote – if they want to take part in the election.

There has in the past been some confusion about when the last time anyone can vote is. But the Electoral Commission is clear: anyone who is waiting to vote at 10pm must be allowed to, no matter how late after 10pm they actually end up casting their vote.

Queues at polling stations are rare, and if they exist aren't very long. But there have been famous instances of people queueing for a long time when there are problems at polling stations or other delays.

"Polling must close at 10pm, but any eligible electors who at 10 pm are in their polling station, or in a queue outside their polling station for the purposes of voting must be allowed to vote," the Electoral Commission's handbook reads.

"If a person is in the polling station or in a queue outside the polling station by 10pm for the purposes of returning a postal vote, they may do so after 10pm."