Woman caught on video telling workers to 'go back to China' as she orders Chinese food

Film of the incident has been shared thousands of times on social media

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A woman was filmed telling workers to “go back to China” as she tried to order Chinese food from their shop. 

The unidentified customer is heard berating staff members at the Foodymart in Toronto and claiming they do not speak English - which proved to be incorrect. 

Although the video is just over a minute, the woman’s rant reportedly went on for approximately 15 minutes.

“Go back to China. This is Canada, English-first country,” the woman is heard saying in the video. “If you’re going to work here, it is the law to know English.”

Workers at private businesses in Canada do not need to speak English. Requirements to speak English and French only apply to certain employees at federal institutions.

The video was posted to Facebook and has more than 1.3 million views. It has also been shared more than 8,600 times. 

In the post, Frank Hong, a student leader from Toronto, who was in the shop at the time of the incident, described the events as “absolutely horrendous”. 

Next to the video, he wrote: “Let's raise awareness and make sure this never happens again in Canada. We, as Canadians and as the World, need to stand up to this bigotry, xenophobia and racism."

Toronto police said they are not investigating the encounter as a hate-related incident and no official complaint has been filed as of yet, according to CTV News Toronto.