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Here you will find information about our readers. Who they are, where they live and what they like to spend their money on. We hope this will help you when planning your campaigns and give you an idea of what we are about. All of the below profiles are based on the latest NRS data (Jul 08 - Jun 09). There is also a 4-page profile of our typical online reader, scroll to the bottom of this page to download.

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Source: NRS Jan 09-deC 09
The Independent 671,000
The Independent on Sunday 612,000
The Independent Magazine - Saturday 461,000
The New Review - Independent on Sunday 393,000

Circulation Figures

Source: NRS JAN 09-DEC 09
The Independent 183,547
The Independent on Sunday 155,661
independent.co.uk Worldwide page impressions 44.7 million
Worldwide unique users 10.0 million
(Source: Site Catalyst Mar 10)

Readership Profiles

The Independent

The Independent Magazine

The Independent on Sunday

The New Review

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