30 copies of `Tomb Raider III' to be won

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PlayStation and PC owners up and down the country will be rejoicing this month at the release of Tomb Raider III - Adventures of Lara Croft. Thankfully, despite hosting her own chart show, appearing on Internet web sites, doing photo shoots and embarking on a singing career, Lara has not been distracted from her day job as a computer-game character. In her latest outing, another extravagantly constructed plot-line sends her travelling from the deserts of Nevada to the islands of the South Pacific in search of four pieces of a meteorite rumoured to offer life- giving powers.

Since her last appearance, the character who launched a thousand computer-magazine covers has, of course, added to her already impressive array of skills. Lara can now jump walls, duck, crawl and rope- swing through the 15 levels. There are also the usual technical improvements, with the game now running in high-res mode, making the graphics a lot smoother and more detailed. However, the general philosophy seems to have been not to change a winning formula, and fans can look forward a mixture of the cerebral challenges of the first Tomb Raider game and the more combat-based action of its sequel.

This is a joint promotion run by The Information and Eidos Interactive. Eidos Interactive is giving away 30 copies of Tomb Raider III - Adventures of Lara Croft to the winners, with 30 T-shirts and 30 cameras on offer as runner-up prizes. To apply, simply write your name, address (including postcode), telephone number and preferred format on the back of a postcard and send it to: Independent Tomb Raider Competition, Parkes Print, 86 East Avenue, Hayes, Middlesex, UB3 2HR.

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