50 copies of `Spyro' to be won

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Spyro is the latest in a long line of character-based 3D platform games for PlayStation. The plot-line is familiar. We are introduced to a mystical land with the usual menagerie of weird and wonderful creatures. Super-villain Gnasty Gnorc threatens to destroy it, and has turned Spyro's family into crystals. It is up to you, in the guise of Spyro the Dragon, to return peace and tranquillity to the land so that everyone can live happily ever after, until the sequel, that is.

However, with Spyro, plot-line is incidental. Instead, it is a graphical extravaganza that is totally free-ranging, with no path borders or restrictive areas, and Spyro himself has an endless array of different moves and abilities. Insomniac Games and Universal Interactive Studios have smoothed transitions between detail levels, so that the player can witness infinite panoramic views, while still enjoying incredible detail close-up.

The depth of gameplay is also impressive. Teeming with secrets and bonus levels, the developers themselves seem to be in disagreement over how many levels actually exist. There are also many different friends and foes to meet along your journey, and there are cinematic sequences to celebrate these encounters. A thoroughly enjoyable game guaranteed to turn you into an insomniac until its completion.

The Information has 50 copies of the game to give away. To enter, write your name and address (including postcode and telephone number) on the back of a postcard and send it to: SCEUK PR, 13 Great Marlborough St, London W1V 2LP. Entries must be received by 30th November.