A Critical Guide: Two months that might shake the world

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'NONE of us dares to think about what the future will hold,' says Corin Redgrave (above), whose new company, Moving Theatre, is in residence at south London's Bridge Lane Theatre for two months. Set up with his sister Vanessa, the company is chock-full of international heavyweight talent: Ekkehard Schall was a founder member of Brecht's Berliner Ensemble, while Rade Serbedzija was, says Redgrave, 'the most popular actor in former Yugoslavia. And now he can't perform anywhere in his native language.' But the company hasn't been formed only to give a platform to great European actors: the Redgraves also want to bring affordable, stimulating theatre to a part of London that isn't over-endowed with thespian endeavours. At pounds 10 a ticket, and with a programme that's distinctly radical in tone (The Flag, by Alex Ferguson, features a socialist vicar raising the Red Flag over his church during the General Strike), it's unclear how many local people will be tempted. But Vanessa Redgrave's presence on stage in Brecht in Hollywood should guarantee audiences. As for the future that they daren't think about - well, it all depends on the good will of sponsors and the Arts Council. (The Flag, Tues to 2 Apr; Brecht in Hollywood, 5 to 30 Apr; at the Bridge Lane Theatre, SW11, 071-228 8828.)

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