A hard look at role reversal

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There are two anti-pornography schools: the exploitation-of-women school and the reproductive-bits-are-private school. Chacun a son gout, of course, though carrying the latter too far must double the horror that is gynaecology.

But if porn was exploitative of - and arousing for - both sexes of society, would it be exploitation any more? It's nice to think of ourselves as functioning on the cerebral plane, but that grunting, sweating other part of ourselves is, after all, part of our mammalian heritage, and we ignore it at the peril of losing our empathy. Societies who have emphasised their intellectual sophistication have tended not to have hot records on things like slavery.

Anyway: how to deal with this tumescent question in the light of our ever-shifting morals is the subject of Everyman: Sauce for the Goose (10.25pm BBC1). We are introduced to the editors of the Black Lace series - Mills and Boon with biology - and boyzy magazines for women, and also sit in on some role-reversing photographic workshops. Four women would like to fill a gap in the female market roughly the equivalent of what Playboy is in the male, but have problems with the law, in that arousal that you can fake with rouge and Vaseline on birds you simply aren't allowed to show in blokes.

Which just goes to prove what all women have always known: that you may not be able to live with men, but you sure as hell can't shoot 'em.