A little local trouble

A weekly round-up of rural rumpuses
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A new "beast" was reported this week, but this time on Exmoor. It was spotted chasing sheep on a South Molton farm in the early morning; observers believe it to be a wolverine. These are smallish mammals but famed for their ferocity. In their native US they are said to be able to bring down a galloping moose. The animal was last seen heading towards Combesland. West Country naturalist Trevor Beer said: "The report seems quite authentic."

It is not the first time wolverines have been spotted in the West Country; the Welsh National Farmers' Union has put out warnings in the past asking farmers to be on the lookout for the animals.

And an update on the story about the stout-hearted Northumberland farmer who sprayed a branch of NatWest in Newcastle upon Tyne with slurry in June. David Cannon, 67, who is facing a criminal damage charge, is taking civil legal action against NatWest in return, saying they denied him access to cash in his account, causing his business to fold. "Even pounds 500,000 may not be enough to compensate us," said Mr Cannon of South Dissington Farm.