A polished performance

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If you're in search of Australian soap stars and the odd athlete masquerading as Equity members and singing bad songs loudly while the kids get bored, you'll probably give this Aladdin a miss. If, on the other hand, you want a modern polish on an old lamp, sorry, tale, played with relish and loved by thousands, then look no further. Take the poster (right), for example. Everyone else goes for multi-coloured starbursting tackiness: London Bubble goes for wit and imagination, just two of the hallmarks of the theatre company who have been touring the south-east for years. Jonathan Petherbridge's version has all you could wish for: magic carpets, daft songs, corny jokes and the original laundry setting. Well, a service wash at least...

Albany Theatre, Douglas Way, London SE8 (0181-692 4446) to 6 Jan