After Hours

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I've got a London mate called Simon who owns a pub in Fulham - the Goat in Boots. It's a bit Sloaney at one end, but at the other there's a great rock 'n' roll pub atmosphere. They've got MTV and Simon used to live with Lemmy, so he's always making interesting tapes to play. There's a downstairs bit too, and in the summer it spills out onto the pavement. It has a great vibe. And there's free beer - for me.

Tucked away in Hampstead is the Holly Bush, all bare boards and sawdust and normal people - it's not typical of the area. They do a good pint of Guinness. I got drunk once and burst into the back room offering to buy everyone a drink, but all I got was icy stares. It turned out to be a wake.

The Gore Hotel (071-584 6601), Queensgate, Kensington, stands out because all the other buildings are Regency terraces, cream-coloured, but the Gore is green. Anyway the restaurant is great - a real crusty English experience. You can be in and out for pounds 25 with wine.

There's nowhere quite like The Bamboo in Toronto, Canada. It's a mixed ethnic restaurant, so you get a bit of Cajun food, bit of Thai, bit of Haitian etc - loads of far-out foods on one menu. Good cooking, the vibe is quite tribal.

Then there's the Moles Club in Bath, a good little club under the street. There's always a fighting chance that some big-name musicians will be in there, especially if they're recording at Peter Gabriel's studio nearby. I've seen Roland Orzabal, Gabriel of course, Frippy (Robert Fripp), Peter Hamill of Van Der Graaf Generator. Also there's a 24-track studio on the first floor, so you can demo your new album with live tracks you've played at Moles.

Steve Hogarth is lead singer of Marillion. A new single 'Alone Again in the Lap of Luxury' is released on 25 Apr on EMI

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