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I often go to Langan's Brasserie, Stratton House, Stratton St, London W1 (071-491 8822). It's smart but has a very pleasant cross-section of clients - businessmen, theatrical people, couples on dates . . . The food is international, but includes things like liver and onion, and bangers and mash. With a glass of house wine you can get out for around pounds 20. They do a nice skate with black pepper, and haddock with poached egg, and don't miss the creme brulee, but you have to watch it or you'll put on the old pounds. I usually go there with my agent. Some people insist on sitting downstairs for maximum visibility, but that's all cobblers isn't it?

I'm not a pub person really. I prefer to find a good pint of ale wherever I'm working and stick with that. I was in Darlington last week. I said 'I'll have a pint of Magnet please - I think I'm going to pull tonight,' but the barmaid didn't think it was very funny. I have a local pub in Surrey called the Kingswood Arms, Waterhouse Lane, Kingswood, Surrey (0737 354053) where I can get a nice pint. All pubs depend on the chap who owns it, I find.

After doing a show you usually feel really up and want to go out on the town, but the West End's not as easy as it used to be. I used to go to McCready's and Jerry's bars. I can however still recommend Sheekey's, 28 St Martin's Court, London WC2 (071-240 2565), a fish restaurant which does great jellied eels. Some Chablis and some fish and I'm happy.

Of night clubs, well there's Tramp, 40 Jermyn St, SW1 (071-734 0565), which is always pretty dark, full of personalities, sportsmen, MPs and the general public. I've been taken to Annabel's a few times, but never been a member. I think I was born on the wrong side of the river for that.'

Actor and voiceover man, Gareth Hunt features in 'The New Avengers' (Video Gems pounds 12.99)

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