After Hours

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'I go to the Paradise Pub, 19 Kilburn Lane, London W10 (081-969 0098), a large place with bare floorboards and a piano in the corner, because it's where all my friends go. They have cabaret sometimes in the room upstairs, and they do good food - quite rich and European. Well, I'm from Derry and I grew up on potatoes and beans, so anything nicely presented gets me every time. I also use The George on the corner of Darblay St and Wardour St, London W1, which has original decor. It's really a pre-club club, you get to talk to some of the people you meet in the clubs and everyone gets oiled up for the night ahead. It has a youngish 18-28 clientele who are into dance music.

The nightclubs I like are the Tunnel Club, 84 Mitchell St, Glasgow (041-204 1000) because people tend to let go more once you get north of the M1, and because of the decor. It has sunken TVs, a Yellow Brick Road-style bridge, lots of art deco and wrought iron. The male toilets have a huge metal spermatazoa for a door handle, and you piss on mirrors. They cascade with water, but if you're tripping you can easily stand there all night watching the urinal. Also, the Betty Ford Clinic on Wednesdays at the Gardening Club, 4 The Piazza, London WC2 (071-497 3154). Same music: house and hands-in-the-air. You get the midweekers - people who either haven't got a job, or have more money than sense. I seem to have crossed over from one to the other.

After a night out, The Crompton's French restaurant in Liverpool's Britannia Adelphi Hotel, Ranelagh Place, L3 (051-709 7200) is quite smart, about pounds 60 a head. My favourite is the Diwana Bhel Poori, 50 Westbourne Grove, London W2 (071-221 0721), a friendly, quiet vegetarian Indian. Have the deluxe rava dosa.'

Peter Cunnah sings with D:REAM, whose single 'Things Can Only Get Better' is in the charts.

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