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'My evening often starts at the gym - I go round the corner to Holmes Place, 188a Fulham Rd, London SW10 (071-352 9452) because when you get to my age you need all the energy you can get. My girlfriend's from California and she's a really good cook, but if I have to eat out and I feel local, I'll go to the Stockpot, 6 Basil St SW3 (071-589 8627). Cheese omelette, chips, beans and pancakes with maple syrup does me. I don't go to many posh restaurants, but one I like is Maggie Jones, 6 Old Court PLace W8 (071- 937 1263). I'm 90 per cent vegetarian, but this is where I go to indulge my carnivorous side. Inside it's like a farmhouse, with thick wooden tables, pots hanging up, corn dollies . . . The food is traditional English too, and the steak is great.

If I'm feeling West End I go to Garlic & Shots, Frith St W1 (071-734 9505). It's run by these really friendly Swedes, and the bar downstairs is cosy. It's tacky - Coke signs, Fifties garage stuff - but that just makes it a really honest Swedish bar. The food is meant to all have garlic in it, but I go just for the vodkas - honey flavour, pepper, brandy, there's even a garlic one but it sounds disgusting. The tapes are always good - Roxy, Bowie, Seventies dub reggae. It's trendy in the loosest possible sense.

Around 11pm I like the private drinking club Fred's (071-439 4284) over the road. I can blag my way in usually. Around midnight I might go for a cappuccino at Cafe Nero 43 Frith St W1 (071-434 3887) with the big windows.

Weekends I work, DJing the Velvet Lounge at the Fridge and the Camden Electric Ballroom, so when I'm off I don't like going to clubs. I do like Jasper the Vinyl Junkie though - his Funkin' Pussy on Saturdays at the Fish Club, 37-39 Oxford St W1 (071-437 7945) is superb.

Jay Strongman produced Drive's new single, 'Curfew', released 31 Jan

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