After Hours

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Me and Jacqueline and Pauline from the band usually go out together. We've stopped going to clubs lately, except for the new Soul 2 Soul Fridays, The Fridge, Brixton London SW2 (071-326 5100). They're playing a lot of Afrofunk, real rare groove. The crowd's a mixture of styles, and it's 50 per cent black. One other place we go is the Institute of Dubology, Thursdays at the Vox, 9 Brighton Terrace, London SW9 (071-737 2095). You take an industrial lift to the basement, and there's a fence round the dance floor. There's no ragga, it's all old Jamaican and new London dub.

For restaurants we usually stay in Stokey (Stoke Newington). Istanbul 9 Stoke Newington Rd, London N16 (071-254 7291) is the best. It's smart, only about pounds 25 for two with house wine. They don't mind small kids, and it's open to 6am] Ridley Road Bagels, off Kingsland High St, Stoke Newington is great too - it's 24 hour. They do everything from soup to fairy cakes, and it's really buzzing around 3am - you get fly guys in shades driving fast Saabs, night duty cops and bleary-eyed clubbers all together.

I can severely recommend the South Bank Centre (071-921 0600) just for a drink, as it's one of the only public bars with a river terrace in central London. But the best pub is the Trolley Stop 28 Stamford Rd, N1 (071- 241 0581). It's an Irish pub with live music in the back room and great stouts. The main room has the greenest of green lights above the bar . . . oh, and the pool table's round.

Timothy London plays in Oosh, formerly Soho. They appear at Hubble & Co, 55 Charterhouse St, London EC1 tomorrow (Sat), plus DJs, 9pm-6am, pounds 5. Oosh's single 'The View' is out on 15 Aug