After Hours

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As a DJ I am lucky enough to travel all over the world. But before I started DJing I did two years catering, so food and wine is my real job and my real joy. I went to a great restaurant yesterday called Chez Max, Ifield Rd, London, SW10 (071-835 0874), a brilliant French place. The food was unbelievably good and cheap. I go to a lot of Thai restaurants here. They are very good compared to the ones we have in Paris. My favourite is Manee Thai, 273 Upper Richmond Rd, SW15 (081-788 2588). Other favourites in London are The Jam, 289 King's Rd, SW3 (071-352 8827) which is American and has this wonderful mezzanine and the Star of India, 154 Old Brompton Rd, SW5 (071-373 2901), apparently London's oldest Indian restaurant.

I used to be the resident DJ at the Hacienda, 11 Whitworth St West, Manchester (061-236 5051), although I had to return to France for my national service. While I was in Manchester I travelled around the north of England a great deal. There's a beautiful restaurant in Chester called Franc's, Cuppin St (0244 317952), then in Altrincham there's a great place called The French, The Downs (061-941 3355). The people who run it also have a brasserie and a great hotel called the Grove Park Hotel, Park Rd, Bowdon (061-928 6191). I used to manage the kitchen at the Dry Bar, Oldham St, Manchester (061-236 5920) and I always pop in. As far as clubs go I've played all over the world. My all-time favourite is the Sound Factory in New York. In Europe its the E Werk in Berlin and Club Xcess in Frankfurt.

Laurent 'The Flying Frenchman' Garnier DJs tonight at The Final Frontier, Club UK, Buckhold Rd, London, SW18, 10pm-6am, pounds 9