After Hours

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I like a drink and if a pub looks nice then I go in, but if I fancy a bit of real pub culture, I go to The Plough, 599 Harrow Rd, W10 (081-968 9243). It's a beautiful listed building, which of course they wanted to pull down to make the road wider. Still it's saved and full of pissed-up Irishmen - lovely. Then of all the Portobello pubs, my favourite is The Devonshire Arms, 90 Pembridge Rd, W11 (071-229 5396). It's on the corner of Notting Hill Gate, opposite W H Smith and has this big lounge upstairs where you can see right down the Bayswater road. It's great for people-watching.

When it comes to eating, I'm lucky enough to live above the best Thai restaurant in London: The Boy Cafe, 615 Harrow Rd, W10 (081- 969 9132). It's very cheap but the food is delicious. By day it's a greasy spoon but I don't think I'd be able to go in and order bacon and bubble, it would ruin the Thai illusion. My girlfriend is Japanese, which is really useful if you like Japanese food. We go to quite a few Japanese restaurants, one of the best but also the weirdest is Ginnan, 1 & 2 Rosebery Court, Rosebery Ave, EC1 (071-278 0008). Whenever I go I'm always the only Westerner: it's full of hard-drinking, hard-smoking businessmen.

People ask me what type of music we make and what type of music I listen to and I suppose it's techno, but I prefer to call it English club music. I socialise in the Ministry of Sound, 103 Gaunt St, SE1 (071-378 6528) on Friday, not Saturday, which is hand-bag house. My other favourite is Quirky at The Vox, 9 Brighton Terrace, SW9 (071-737 2095): the music's experimental, right on the edge.

Charlie Hall is a well-known DJ and one half of The Drum Club, an experimental Techno band

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