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There's a great place in Camden Town near where I live, a cafe called WKD, 16a Kentish Town Rd, London NW1 (071-267 1869) which is quite avant-garde in its decor. It's trendy, but it's not the sort of place where you have to be worrying all the time about doing the wrong thing. I haven't tried the food, and I'm a juice-only person so I don't know about the alcohol, but they have a very good atmosphere in there, especially on a Sunday for the jam session when anyone can come down with an instrument and play, or get up and sing, or just talk to the crowd.

I'm not much of a pub person, but I love the World's End, a big pub opposite Camden Underground, 174 Camden High St NW1 (071-267 5086). I like the way it's done up, all the brick and tile and wood, and the staff are very efficient, always coming round wiping the tables.

I don't rave that much any more, but I do still like the Ministry of Sound, Gaunt St SE1 (071- 378 6528). I like the cinema in there. It's a good place to chill out during a long night, and the sound system in the main club is brilliant. The bass bins are enormous] Another good place for music is the Subterania, Acklam Rd W10 (081- 960 4590). I met a DJ called Chris Checkley in there and we ended up making a record together, a white label single called 'Can't Let Go' which sold about 2,000 copies. That's the way things get started in music.

Another place I sometimes go is Mortons in Mayfair, 28 Berkeley Sq W1 (071-499 0363). It's a private members' club, and you can go there - if you get accepted as a member - until 3am. It's not a trendy place, the decor is quite Regency, but I used to sing there, and I know some of the people who work there. It's a mixed place, with people of mixed age and plenty of business people. I don't really live the typical pop star life.'

Tania Evans sings with Culture Beat

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