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There's a newish bar near where I live called Babushkas, Blackfriars Rd, London SE1 (071-928 3693), which does delicious frozen vodkas. It's an ex-pub converted into quite a nice bar with stripped pine floors, art on the walls and smart bar staff. I go in for a stiff vodka at the end of the day. At weekends there's more of a dodgy crowd, Costa Blanca people, but lunch is always nice.

I go to the Colony Rooms, Dean Street, W1 (071-437 9179), a private drinking club in Soho where my dad's a member. He's an artist, like the rest of them in there. You go up some spiral stairs and there you are - a room full of intense smoke and very drunk people. That's at four in the afternoon. It's empty by nine because everyone's so drunk they've had to go home. Membership is at the discretion of the drunken landlord.

I often eat at the South Bank Tandoori, The Cut, SE1 (071-261 1523) a fantastic Indian where the waiters are really friendly and it's very reasonable. I gave a birthday party there and we showed Brigadoon on a sheet on the wall until about 1am.

In London, I know I'm in a good club if there's mud beneath your feet, Portaloos, and Dirtbox Phil is DJ-ing. Tim Tooher is my favourite DJ at the moment. He's young, up- and- coming and DJs at parties for people like Paul Weller and Primal Scream. Tim plays the sweetest soul music you've ever heard.

My favourite club in the whole world is the Taramoor in Jakarta, Java. It's full of beautiful Javanese women and strapping oil riggers, but it's not a brothel. It's got a real happy atmosphere, and everything a good disco should have - a glitter ball, lots of mirrors, large toilets and disco music.

Gaby Agis's dance company perform 'The Family' at the Union Chapel, Islington, London N1 (071-226 1686) from 3 to 7 May

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