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There's this little shack called Bebe's in St Lawrence Gap, Barbados, run by a woman called Lucinda. In the afternoon it's a rumhouse, and in the evening a restaurant. You can eat in her living room, or sit out on the porch, watch the sea, and have all sorts of seafood that was caught in themorning. I'm a vegetarian, so I have things like coconut milk, rice, papaya and yam. It's only about dollars 10 a head. Paradise.

I avoid bars because I don't drink, although I do go to The Construction Zone on West Broadway when I'm in New York. It's just a big bar with loud music, and it's done out like, well, a construction zone. I'll meet my London friends in places like The Melati, 21 Gt Windmill St, London W1 (071-437 2745), a Thai restaurant in Soho. There are three levels, and they've tried to make it all bamboo and reeds, but you really go for the food, which is superb, especially the vegetarian satay, which is braised tofu. You can just have a drink if you want. I used to have a Singha beer, now I'm one of those Aqua Libra people. Nearby is a great Indian called Govinda, 10 Soho St (071-437 3662), a vegetarian restaurant where everything's nicely seasoned and they use no garlic and no onions.

About a month ago I discovered the Troubadour coffee house on Old Brompton Rd which is this cosy little place with lutes and old instruments hanging from the ceiling, great cappuccino and sandwiches, and a folk cellar where people like Bob Dylan have played. I've had it with clubs, though I will go to Ronnie Scott's, 47 Frith St, W1 (071-439 0747) if someone good is playing. One other thing. There's a great little taverna on Taga Maga, a tiny island off Ibiza. You can't miss it.

Clarke Peters stars in A Tribute to Nat King Cole, Green Room, Cafe Royal, Regent St, London W1 (071-437 9090) to 12 Feb

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