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The place I go for a really wicked pasta of the highest degree is Trevi, 16-18 Highbury Corner, London N5 (071-700 7161) on Holloway Road. I go there because it's near Kiss FM and the Swan Yard Studios and it really is killer food. Pasta, and I'm really giving the props out to (praising) the tricolore salad, and a glass of red wine for pounds 7. It's greasy spoon decor but with clean vibes. And there's a really eccentric cockney Italian waiter who's always good value.

My posh restaurant, where I take the band when they've finished an album, is a fantastic Mauritian place called Chez Liline, 101 Stroud Green Rd, London N4 (071-263 6550). It's French cuisine with an edge, the fish is always wicked, the wine list is good, it's a real night out.

I like high tea in Liberty, Regent Street, W1 (071-734 1234) - that's where I do all my business, chatting round the back, scones, the works.

For clubs I have to big up my own club, That's How It Is, at Bar Rhumba, Shaftesbury Ave, W1 (071-287 2715). It's got the feel of my old Talkin' Loud at Dingwalls - contrary to what people think about acid jazz, there's no uniform, it's a real scene made up of all sorts.

The other club of the moment is Megatripolis, Thursdays, Villiers St, WC1 (071- 839 3852). It's so mad there you could bring your mum and dad. It's a different approach to clubbing, like an indoor city with all these stalls and the alternative indie attitude, the weird hippy shit. It reminds me of Glastonbury.

At the end of a night I'll go to Ronnie Scott's Frith St W1 (071-439 0747) - it only costs pounds 30 a year and pounds 3 entry, and where else can you hear the latest jazz, stand at the back, sneak a spliff and a pint of lager . . ? Afterwards it's a bit of the old Bar Italia, Frith St W1 (071-437 4520), then home to Finsbury Park and the Arsenal video.

Gilles Peterson runs Talkin' Loud Records

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