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The good thing about the Atlantic Bar, Glasshouse St, London W1 (071-734 4888) is that you meet lots of (music) industry people there, and it's good to have somewhere open late. Riki Tiki's, Greek St, W1 (071-437 1977) is owned and run by some good old club people, with lots of nice young bar staff. It's a bar with loud club music, people spill outside in the summer, and it's guaranteed to bump.

London's so big it's hard to have a community, like in Brighton. They have Browns and in Manchester there's Dry. But Soho's great at the moment, there's a good underground vibe. I like the Velvet Underground, Charing Cross Rd (071-734 4687) because I can pass through in the evening and get an idea of what's going on. A great pub on a Sunday afternoon is the Full Circle, out near Windsor. At least, that's the name of the club on a Sunday afternoon, 12noon to 6pm, that people go to after a quick sleep. Everyone drops in when they're in London - Tony Humphreys from New York will come and do six hours of House there. It's a very happy vibe, and the girls are lovely.

I qualified as a chef in New York, so when I go out I like to try everything. Me and my girlfriend try to eat out once a week. The Gasworks, 87 Waterford Rd, London SW3 (071- 736 3830) is wonderful in Chelsea. It's very exclusive, and there's often a mix of great old Chelsea characters and a young clubby crowd. There are only two dishes, duck and lamb, so you don't necessarily go for the food, it's just the atmosphere. You'd spend pounds 20- pounds 30 a head I think. If someone didn't take you there you'd never find it.

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