After hours

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I'm not a pub person because I don't drink, but I do have a local - it's 192, 192 Kensington Park Rd, London W11 (071-229 0482), a bar with a restaurant upstairs. The food is English nouvelle cuisine, like mashed potato and calf's liver, and the home made gnocci and huge seasonal salads are great. You could eat for pounds 25, with dessert but without drink. It's full of Notting Hill people - when it's London Fashion Week you get all those type of people in there.

The Supan Thai, 4 Fearnhead Rd, W9 (081- 969 9387), is lovely and intimate; like being in someone's living room. It only seats 15 to 20 people. Their speciality is the Path Thai, which is fried noodles with or without egg, peanuts, slice of lemon, spring onions and bean sprouts.

My favourite Chinese is the Nan King, Chiswick High St, W6 (081-748 7604). It's quite expensive, full of record company people because it's next to Island Records. I'm sort of giving up fish, but I love the braised Dover sole with hot bean sauce. It has a very nice cool atmosphere, very sparse and bright.

For a drinking place, although I don't drink, I go to Green's, 3 Green St, Mayfair, W1 (071- 409 0453), which is a private drinking club along the same lines as Black's, the women's club in Soho. I know Orlando Campbell the owner so I haven't bothered to join. I think it's about pounds 150 a year, but you have to be recommended. Orlando used to run the Globe, so it's full of Ladbroke Grove people. The basement is a restaurant and the ground floor is a bar - homely and full of old furniture - where they display people's art. Orlando is always about, hosting. Upstairs I don't know what they do - get on with their personal affairs, I think.

Lena Fiagbe's single 'What's It Like To Be Beautiful' is released 5 Apr, followed by the album 'Visions' 3 May (Polydor)

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