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'I go to the Hac, (pronounced hass, short for Hacienda) 11-13 Whitworth St West, Manchester (061-236 5051). Sometimes Fridays, always Saturdays. I'm a bit of an acid house fan, I like it hard and fast. Saturdays is Graeme Park, the best DJ in the country. I like to sit up in the box with him for an hour and watch the punters. I still drink free there - I own the place after all. I occasionally have a night out somewhere else, like Home in Ducie St (061-237 3495), every other Thursday, or Paradise Factory, 112-116 Princess St (061-273 5422). I get the weebles going in there because it's the old Factory Records building, but it's good music, and basically the same set of people in a smaller venue.

My favourite French restaurant is the Brasserie Saint Pierre, 57-63 Princess St (061-228 0231). It's got this olde worlde French chateau- type ambience and the food is superb. I've got a friend who's now doing tapas at Dry Bar, 28-30 Oldham St (061-236 5920) - you can eat right through the day. The best Indian restaurant is The Great Katmandu, 140 Burton Rd, W Didsbury (061-434 6413). It's Nepalese food so it's subtle, and it closes at 11pm so you don't get all the drunks in.

My favourite pub is in Princess Street - the New Union (061-228 1492). Me and Bernard (Sumner) used to go there when we were 18, now I still start my nights there. It has a crazy stage show, and lots of transvestites, which puts you in the mood for going out.

Abroad with the band, we always go to an unpretentious little place called the Oyster Bar in New York, at 46th St and Avenue of the Americas (0101 212 490 6650).

There aren't many places where I pay these days, but I suppose I would if I had to. It's people paying that keeps it all going.'

Peter Hook plays bass guitar for New Order

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