After Hours

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'When friends are in town and we want to go out clubbing, it's usually a toss up between Tramp and Annabel's. Tramp, (39 Jermyn St, London SW1 071-734 0565) is more the rock star and film person place, whereas Annabel's is for politicians and the seriously wealthy. Tramp has wood panelling and crystal chandeliers, but really it's just a restaurant with hamburgers where people dress up and get down. I like it because they play proper disco with tunes and words, not back-to-back repetitive house music.

Annabel's (44 Berkeley Square W1) is more staid. You have to wear a dark suit and tie and the dance floor is small. But the food is good. London doesn't really encourage the sort of mix you get in New York and Paris, so these two places are like your passport to having arrived.

I've been going to San Lorenzo's, (22 Beauchamp Place SW3 071-584 1074), an Italian restaurant near my shop, for 21 years now and I still love it. The decor is Seventies Italian - white tile floor, lots of palms and lots of light. This is one place where the mix of people is good - cabinet ministers, pop people, the Italian brigade . . . Mara, the owner, makes sure people like Mick Jagger and Eric Clapton are comfortable there. Saturday lunch is my favourite, about pounds 40 a head. Olivo (Eccleston St SW1) is a new place, - a southern Italian with more rustic cuisine. It's electric blue and sand coloured, and you can go along in jeans.

I don't go to bars since I interact with people all day. I go to Barbados every winter however, and there I like to get away from it all by going to a little place called Mullins, a small corrugated iron place on Gibb Beach. It's a great place to go when all the young people have gone off into the clubs. I go to bed early on holiday.'

Bruce Oldfield, designer, shows his first silk ties for men collection at House of Fraser, Spring 1994