After Hours: Omar

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I don't really keep a track of what's going on in London. When I go out it's just a vibe, I go with friends and I go wherever feels good. I went to the Astoria, 157 Charing Cross Rd, London W1 (071-434 0403) a few weeks ago when they had a jungle night. It was a 10pm to 7am kind of club. It's speeded up hip-hop beats, fast all night, with people chatting over the top. It's just bass and drum, bass and drum, the same as what my music's all about. I've probably been to a few one-off junglist things, like at Pier 1 (ex-Oasis), 113 Lower Clapton Rd, Dalston, E5 (081-985 4140). I'm from Croydon, so sometimes I look in at Granaries Night Spot, Overtons Yard, Surrey St (081-667 1000) where they have three different floors of music.

I haven't been to a pub since I was at school, and I don't eat in restaurants. Unless you count when the record company takes me out - if you want to big up Little Chef . . . ] I went to Planet Hollywood, Trocadero, Coventry St, W1 (071-287 1000) because my then- girlfriend wanted to, but the food was like any other food. It's just a restaurant with stuff on the walls and a long queue outside.

If you're driving around and get hungry the best West Indian takeaways are Take Two, 84 Tooting High St, SW17 (081-672 4909), and Scandals, 148 Manor Park Rd, Harlesden NW10. It's up by my father's record company, which is called Kongo Dance. Their stewed chicken, rice and peas is done exactly like in Jamaica. When you get to making things wholesale you usually lose some quality, but they do it wicked.

Omar's new CD 'For Pleasure' is out on RCA on Monday 20 June; a single called 'Outside' will be released on 11 July