Alister Morgan on clubs

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Are you bored with clubbing? Tired of the same old routine? If the answer is "yes" then head for Metamorphosis at Flipside.

Metamorphosis is the club night that allows you to reinvent yourself. Change your clothes by exchanging an item of clothing for a brand new Red or Dead designed one. Have a hairdo by the resident hairdresser or have a make-over, courtesy of the Metamorphosis make-up artist. Those of you requiring a complete overhaul can transform your torsos at the body painting booth.

Metamorphosis has the dual attraction of offering a public platform for extroverts, plus live comedy for those who wish to snigger at the back of the hall. Arrive early as the Clothes Swapping Wall is usually closed at 1am, due to massive flesh exposure. (In case you're wondering, all exchanged items of clothing end up at Oxfam.)

Quality music is also a priority, with funk, rap, swing and soul all served up at this monthly extravaganza.

One of the major entry requirements is a desire to "get down"... so only party animals need apply. While a few individuals may enter looking a touch shabby, there should be no excuse for leaving in the same state.

Metamorphosis at Flipside, Sat 10pm-3.30am, Iceni, White Horse Street, London W1, pounds 10.