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Bad Boys (18). A new twist on an old formula as Martin Lawrence and Will Smith play a pair of black cops on the trail of a gang of heroin dealers. Smith, wbo was in last week's Six Degrees of Separation, plays the smooth half of this joshing duo, and is clearly a star in the making. The producers, Don Simp- son and Jerry Bruckheimer (also resposible for Top Gun), clearly know what they're up to - making a hit out of another loud, brash and gleefully sadistic marriage of violence and frivolity.

Fun (18). Untrue to its title, a dour depiction of two teenage girls being assessed in care, after they've killed an old woman for kicks. The girls have an authentic animalistic rawness, but the script is doggedly uninspired. Its most interesting theme - the diver- gent quests for the true story made by a social worker and a journalist - is left hanging.