And look out for . . . : ARTS

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THE ARTIST Hadrian Piggott's soap sculptures were bought en masse by Charles Saatchi soon after they went on view in the artist's first one-man show. His small bars of soap, carved, not with logos, but with the names of various body parts and the larger-than-life, shrink-wrapped pieces (left) are exquisite comments on the paradoxes of contemporary civilization.

THE DEALER Over the past year the shows at Andrew Wheatley's tiny Cabinet Gallery in Brixton, south London, have included the photographs of the auto-erotic Surrealist Pierre Molinier and Simon Bill's "Demons in My Stomach". If Wheatley (left) can continue to present such work with wit and erudition, his reputation as a dealer in tune with the taste of our times will be easily confirmed.

THE EXHIBITION The most promising exhibition of the coming year looks set to be Willem de Kooning at the Tate, London. Currently drawing big crowds in New York, the show features 76 paintings by the Abstract Expressionist master, including Woman I (1950-52) (detail left) and should open the eyes of a new generation to one of the century's greatest artists.