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It's time to welcome a new term to your modern music vocabulary: post rock. The expression (it's been knocking around for a few years in scenester circles, natch) is used to describe music that travels beyond the three-minute song boundaries of guitar rock and ventures into a virtual Alice in Wonderland world of experimental sounds. Post rockers aren't afraid of samples, 20-minute dub-jazz excursions, heavily ironic easy listening produced on vintage keyboards (hello Stereolab), or heavy duty instrumental sessions which lull you into altered states of consciousness - maybe sleep. And you could say there's a bit of a family of these bands growing up and supporting each other. Tortoise bassist David Pajo toured as part of the Stereolab combo last year, while another member of Tortoise, John McEntire, produced much of Stereolab's current album. LaBradford (right) are soon to put out a single on Stereolab's Duophonic label, as are the Portishead sonic cousins Broadcast, who support LaBradford on an upcoming date.

Whether listening to this music is better at home with the assistance of a few herbal cigarettes, or at a gig is a mtter for debate. LaBradford promise heavyweight bass pulses and reverb guitars amplified to the max, while Broadcast should mesmerise with their stunning tunes like "We've Got Time". Adult pleasures are in store for all-comers whose tastes run to the discerningly unpredictable.

LaBradford and Broadcast, The Garage, Highbury Corner, London N1 (0171-607 1818) 24 Apr