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The health of Britpop cannot be accurately measured by looking at the likes of Oasis and Blur. A better insight comes from considering how the lower rankers like Shed 7 and Sleeper are faring in chartville. And Shed 7 (right), Yorkshire pups who've scampered through the past two years with the help of whistleable, arrogantly upfront turnes, show the average teenager's love affair with the Anglo-centric groove is far from over. In fact, they very closely symbolise all that is good and also everything a bit iffy about the movement. Yes, we've loved their string of sunny- side-up melodies that pogo frantically around the head. And no doubt Shed 7 believe it is only right that they are the perfect weekly fodder for Smash Hits posters and the NME gossip page. But the downside is that Britpop is in the vanguard of conservatism - it's chocker with new lads who believe in the superiority of four chords and a six-pack of Tennents.

So where does Britpop head from here? For the Sheddoes, the high placing of their last single, "Going for Gold" shows they're still clambering up. It did more business than the one before, "Getting Better". To judge by the titles, they're on a positive thinking mission and it's working - the band are set to leave a trail of sell-out dates in their wake on this tour. While Shed 7 are going for gold, Oasis go for platinum. Whichever way, the British School of Indie Rock isn't losing out.

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