Striking skylines from Hong Kong to Sydney: Christopher Hauser displays photographs at London Festival of Architecture

German photographer exhibits shots of cities including London and Singapore

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German photographer Christopher Hauser is displaying his collection of striking urban landscapes in a new exhibition, SKY.LINES.

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The show, which forms part of the annual London Festival of Architecture, brings together a variety of dynamic images from cities around the globe, including Tokyo, New York, Sydney and Singapore.

Hauser aims to expose the character of these famous cities, shooting their skylines in dramatic light and from different perspectives. His camera allows for a stunning degree of detail – up to 200 million pixels – that draws the viewer into the picture.

Born in 1986, Hauser first discovered photography aged six and later chose it as his career path. He is inspired by the ability of architecture to mirror our “cultural pulses” and fascinated by contrasts.


“A skyline is unique and the fingerprint and DNA of that city,” he says. “All urban life begins each day and ends each night under the watch of the city’s tallest skyscrapers and most grand architectural structures.

“Skylines reflect and influence cultures, lifestyles and quality of life of the people who live there.”

Christopher Hauser's 'City of Gold' taken in San Francisco

Hauser grew up both in the city of Munich and the Austrian countryside, meaning he enjoys both “urban civilisation and the beauty of untouched nature”.

“Whether it is a contemporary skyscraper or a waterfall surrounded by a forest, I am always searching for moments worth capturing,” he writes on his website.

Christopher Hauser's 'Sea of Lights' taken in Hong Kong

After completing his photography studies in London, Hauser travelled the world for a year to experience life in all its diverse intensity. In an attempt to recreate that feeling of vastness, he often works with large scales - many of his photographs measure up to five metres in width.

“I want to show photographs that are splashy and entertaining but have a rich depth and vastness to them,” he says, adding that it is the brilliant colours and small details that most attract his viewers.

Christopher Hauser's 'The River Flows' taken in London

Hauser insists his photographs are created in a traditional way, without editing for a more ‘artistic’ effect.

“I want to show parts of our life and world in a magnificent way, how it really is,” he says. “Not a digitized version of it like in a sci-fi movie.”

SKY.LINES runs from 29 May until 3 July at Gallery@LR in the Richard Rogers Building at Lloyd’s Register