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Edward Weston Photographs Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

"Making the commonplace unusual" - classic photos from the Twenties and Thirties by one of the American pioneers. To 23 Jan


Patrick Caulfield Luton Central Library Gallery

With vibrant colour and clear black outlines, these screen-print still-lifes by the Pop artist illustrate the work of the symbolist poet Jules Laforgue. To 23 Jan


Helen Chadwick Ferens Gallery, Hull

Body-work by influential UK artist - the first overview since her death mid-career in 996. Lush light-boxes of fruit, flowers and fluids, and the last series, Unnatural Selection, showcasing IVF embryos. To 7 Jan


Oppe Watercolour Collection Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Classic 8th- and 9th-century British watercolours, including Alexander Cozens' blot-derived sketches, John Sell Cotman, Constable and Francis Towne. To 24 Jan


Edward Burne-Jones Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Centenary exhibition gathers together many favourites illustrating Burne-Jones's romantic and medievalist nether world. To 7 Jan