Art: Carol Robertson The Blue Gallery, London SW3

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Carol Robertson's new exhibition is her first in London since she took part in a "Quality of Light" at the Tate Gallery St Ives in 1997. There she had a number of works with circles set against soft toned backgrounds. One in particular has stayed very clearly in my mind. It was of two pale yellow rings - the effect was deeply contemplative.

In the two years since then her basic repertoire of shapes hasn't much changed, but the new work has a very different feel. There's a new energy and intensity. As before, the paintings are precisely and beautifully made, but instead of gentle hues there's a striking mix of cobalt blues with citrus yellows and reds. This work has a more instant appeal, only time will tell if it will be as lasting.

Carol Robertson, The Blue Gallery, 93 Walton Street, London, SW3 (0171- 589 4690) to 27 Mar