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AN impressive pair of pottery figures of St Peter and St Catherine, standing almost 2ft high, have risen in price from pounds 2,400 to pounds 12,000 since June. The Leeds antique dealer Windsor House Antiques will be exhibiting them at the London and Provincial Antique Dealers' Association show, opening at the Royal College of Art on Tuesday. The figures are rare 17th-century products of a factory at Nevers, France. Proprietor Kevin Smith points out that they are marked: St Peter is dated 1637 and St Catherine 1678. On 30 June they were sold from the estate of the dancer Sir Frederick Ashton by Boardman Fine Art, as '18th-century French faience' and made pounds 2,400.

'The Human Form in Art' has been taken as the theme of this year's Lapada show. A 6ft stone statue of the Venus Marina, accompanied by a putto, will be offered by Harvey Ferry and William Clegg. A copy of a statue made for the gardens of Het Loo Palace in Holland, it dates from around 1695. The price is pounds 12,500.

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