Giovanni Anselmo & Grace Ndiritu to 28 Mar Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
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A member of the Arte Povera movement, which flourished during the 1960s and 1970s, the Italian Giovanni Anselmo is known for turning out work that offers "poetic" realisations of universal concepts such as time, energy, gravity and light.

For example, Senza Titolo consists of a wodge of lettuce being held against a block of granite by a smaller granite square, itself secured by a length of wire. When the lettuce dries out, the small square of granite will fall to the ground.

The neatness of the conceit is Anselmo's stock in trade. Another piece, Invisibile, uses a projector to transmit a bleached-out word that only becomes apparent if the viewer sticks his hand in front of it - the word is visibile. As if by magic, the invisible becomes visible.

At the same gallery, Grace Ndiritu's video piece also explores the nature of transformation. Using the same piece of cloth and a series of simple movements, the artist changes her identity repeatedly, each look symbolising a different woman and culture.

Ikon Gallery, 1 0ozells Square, Brindleyplace, Birmingham (0121-248 0708; www.ikon- to 28 Mar