Art: Richard Wentworth

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The voyeur in all of us will be intrigued by "Thinking Aloud", an exhibition curated by artist Richard Wentworth, which takes a tour through minds as disparate as Disney cartoonists, vacuum-cleaner designers and condom manufacturers. An range of jottings, sketches and models reveals the answers to fascinating questions such as what was on Lloyd George's mind during the signing of the Armistice in 1918? How did Frank Gehry conceive the design for Bilbao's Guggenheim? This inspiring exhibition does raise an uncomfortable thought: even the flimsiest doodle allows others access to the privacy of your own head.

Kettle's Yard, Cambridge today-3 Jan; Cornerhouse, Manchester 9 Jan- 28 Feb; Camden Arts Centre 9 Apr-30 May

Vivienne Heller