Art: The Five Best Shows Around The Country

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Helen Chadwick Graves Gallery, Sheffield

Photographic pieces on nature, death and pleasure from her short career - animal skins, flowers, embryos, chocolate and Windolene. To 28 Aug


Notorious MoMA, Oxford

One hundred years after his birth, Alfred Hitchcock lives. Group show looks at his legacy in art, most cunningly in the "Phoenix Tapes", by Christoph Girardet and Matthias Muller. To 3 Oct


W Eugene Smith Dundee Contemporary Arts

Retrospective of an American photojournalist with an increasingly campaigning eye: see the terrible images of industrial poisoning victims in Japan. To 27 Aug


As Dark as Light in Cornwall

A county-wide contemporary art festival, focusing on the solar eclipse. James Turrell's open-air sky-dome, "The Elliptic Ecliptic", is the sight to see. To 20 Nov


Goya: The Disparates St Barbe Museum, Lymington

Goya - old, deaf and ill - produced his last, mysterious etchings. It is a void world, life is folly, men fly off on wings into darkness. To 3 Jul