Art: The five best shows in London

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Grinling Gibbons Victoria & Albert Museum

Fruit, flowers and foliage - the best chisel-work (left) of the 7th-century woodcarver, who made intricacy and the abundance of nature his trademark. To 24 Jan


Charlotte Salomon Royal Academy

First UK showing of Life? Or Theatre?, Salomon's life in pictures. 405 raw gouaches tell the story of the German Jewish girl's haste before Auschwitz - an expressionistic operetta in three colours. To 7 Feb


Duane Hanson Royal Festival Hall Ballroom

Hanson's meticulously life-like figure sculptures find their perfect setting in the sociable space of the RFH. Ordinary people, with props to match. To 7 Jan


Louise Bourgeois Serpentine Gallery

Veteran French-American sculptress, still a leading light at 87, shows new installations in which a giant mother/spider presides over images of spin and weave, restore and decay. To 0 Jan


Turner Prize Tate Gallery

The shortlisted artists show their wares. Chris Ofili, Tacita Dean, Cathy de Monchaux and Sam Taylor-Wood are the four; Ofili the winner. To 0 Jan