Art: The five best shows in London

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Jackson Pollock Tate Gallery

Big, revelatory retrospective for the wild hero of Abstract Expressionism going on Old Master: legendary for his great drip paintings, but widely unshown here for 40 years. To 6 Jun


Portraits by Ingres National Gallery

Some of the smartest, most intense portraits ever. Men as icons of power; women as exquisite melanges of flesh and fabric. To 25 Apr


Monet in the 20th Century Royal Academy

The gardens and lily ponds at Giverny dissolve into fiery lights, haze, liquid reflections, depths and voids, and, in the circumstances, you will too. To 8 Apr


Patrick Caulfield Hayward Gallery

The modern object-world made luminous. Caulfield is a virtuoso of many styles, and this retrospective offers the range - notably, those fat, laconic outlines flooded with translucent colour. To May


Picasso & photography Barbican Gallery

"The Dark Mirror" is an enlightened look at the role of the camera in Picasso's creative process. To 28 Mar


Disasters of War Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Three ages of European war through the etchings of Jaques Callot, Goya and Otto Dix. Black-and-white flashes of horror; mass executions, madness and blood everywhere. To 20 Mar


Richard Deacon Tate, Liverpool

Chunky, curvaceous assemblages of wood, metal, glass and plastic, some gigantic, some humble, by the noted 980s sculptor. To 6 May


Bob Law Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

Law was once known for his completely black mimimalist pictures. Here's a wider view of his work: Cornish landscape beginnings, colour, and tiny, toy-like constructions. To 25 April


Edward Weston De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea

Classics of monochrome modernist photography: vegetables, nudes and landscapes, closely observed and strangely metmorphosed. To 2 Mar


Willie Doherty & James Casebere MOMA, Oxford

Doherty's nervy video installation on sectarian terror, with Casebere's delicate, moody photos of architectural scale- models. To 4 Apr