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Chris Ofili Serpentine Gallery

The Turner Prize favourite, this painter is an upbeat original, his surfaces dense and decorative, with swirls of dots, eyes, Afros and black icons, and incorporating mutant balls of elephant dung. To 1 Nov

Speed Whitechapel Gallery

Modern time and fast art, from Sickert to Pollock to Crash, taking in Beuys, Duchamp and Delaunay on the way, and showing Leger's film, Ballet Mecanique. To 22 Nov

Gerhard Richter Anthony d'Offay

Chunky show of new work by the German heavyweight painter who moves from smeared abstracts to meticulously blurred photo-based images in a block-booking of all four d'Offay spaces. To 22 Oct

Pieter de Hooch Dulwich Picture Gallery

The domestic chronicler of 17th-century Delft. De Hooch's interiors welcome the stranger in. He delights in detail and perspectival challenges, picturing houses like magic boxes. To 15 Nov

Balla & Futurist Italy Estorick Collection

Giacomo Balla was at the heart of the Futurist aesthetic - here 23 dynamic abstract canvases from the National Gallery in Rome explore the movement and its love of planes, trains and automobiles. To 13 Dec


Callum Innes and Ellen Gallagher IKON Gallery, Birmingham

Two abstract painters show solo. The Scot Innes uses vivid colour; Gallagher builds complex patterns from cartoon-like racial signifiers. To 22 Nov

Willie Doherty Tate Liverpool

Top Irish artist creates an iconography of terror - the roadblock and the burnt-out car. To 4 Oct

Disasters of War Brighton Museum

"I saw this" - three ages of European war through the etchings of Jaques Callot, Goya and Otto Dix. Black-and-white visions from the blackest of times; mass executions and blood everywhere. To 4 Oct

Peter Doig & Udomsak Krisanamis Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

Doig's sizzling, curdling, overloaded landscapes alternate with Krisanamis's twinkling surfaces and noodle collages. To 18 Oct

Renaissance to Impressionism Southampton City Art Gallery