Art: The five best shows in London

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Duane Hanson Festival Hall Ballroom

Hanson's meticulously life-like figure sculptures find their perfect setting in the sociable space of the RFH. Ordinary people, with props to match. To 7 Jan


Luca Signorelli National Gallery

Paintings and drawings from British collections by 5th-/6th- century Italian master, best known for his apocalyptic frescoes in Orvieto. To 3 Jan


Aubrey Beardsley Victoria & Albert Museum

Displaying the short and glittering life - he died in 898 at 25 - of the master aesthete and illustrator of the decadent scene, with his uniquely sinuous and florid line. Drawings, prints and posters. To 0 Jan


Claude Lorrain British Museum

One hundred drawings by the great French classical landscape painter, including his remarkably vivid outdoor studies of woods and streams. To 0 Jan


Rosemairie Trockel Whitechapel Gallery

Influential German artist; includes a sculpture of a seal called No one under the sun is more miserable than the man who has a fetish for a lady's shoe and must make do with the whole woman. To 7 Feb


Edward Weston Photographs Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool

"Making the commonplace unusual" - classic photos from the 920s and 930s by one of the American pioneers; vegetables, nudes and landscapes observed with great clarity. To 9 Jan


Patrick Caulfield Luton Central Library Gallery

A set of vibrant screen-print still-lifes by the renowned Pop artist illustrate the work of the symbolist poet Jules Laforgue. To 23 Jan


Chris Ofili Whitworth Gallery, Manchester

The 998 Turner Prize winner is an upbeat original, his surfaces dense and decorative, with swirls of dots, eyes, Afros and black icons. To 24 Jan


Thinking Aloud Kettles Yard, Cambridge

Sculptor Richard Wentworth curates an exploration of creativity in art, design and everyday life with an assortment of rough drafts, plans, tryouts, make-shifts, prototypes and temporary solutions. To 3 Jan


Goya: The Disparates Maidstone Museum and Art Gallery