Art: The Five Best Shows in London and beyond

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Monet in the 20th Century Royal Academy

The strange last works of Impressionism. The gardens and lily ponds at Giverny dissolve into fiery lights, haze, liquid reflections, depths and voids, and, in the circumstances, you will too. To 8 Apr


Portraits by Ingres National Gallery

Some of the smartest, most intense portraiture ever. Men as icons of power; women as exquisite melanges of flesh and fabric, dreams of sex and money. Images of triumphant bourgeois luxury. To 25 Apr


Patrick Caulfield Hayward Gallery

The modern object-world made luminous. Caulfield is a virtuoso of many styles, and this retrospective offers the range - notably, those fat, laconic outlines flooded with translucent colour. To Apr


Andreas Gursky Serpentine Gallery

Photographs 994-98: huge, wide-vision, high-finish, micro-detailed, digitally-manipulated images of our everyday world. To 7 Mar


John Everett Millais: Portraits NPG

Quite odd. Early Pre-Raphaelism - beady-eyed, quasi-naive - mutates into a stately near-Impressionism. It could be four or five different artists. To 6 Jun


Peter Doig & Udomsak Krisanamis Fruitmarket, Edinburgh

Two painters collaborate. Doig's sizzling, curdling, overloaded landscapes mix with Krisanamis's collages of cultural detritus and noodles. To 27 Mar


Aubrey Beardsley Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool

Drawings, prints and posters from the short and brilliant career of the 890s aesthete and illustrator, with uniquely sinuous, florid line. To Apr


Edward Weston De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea

Classics of monochrome modernist photography by one of the American pioneers: vegetables, nudes and landscapes strangely metamorphosed. To 2 Mar


Willie Doherty and James Casebere MOMA, Oxford

By Doherty: a nervy, mixed-screen video installation about sectarian terror. By Casebere: delicate, moody, photos of architectural models. To 4 Apr


Goya: The Disparates

University of Essex, Colchester

Goya in his seventies produced his last series of etchings. Mysterious in intention, it is a void world, where men fly off on wings into darkness. To 3 Mar