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Rembrandt by Himself National Gallery

The self-portraits. The first and most searching autobiography in paint. The great pictorial statements of honesty and mortality, of the human depths. Thirty paintings. To 5 Sept

Morandi & His Time Estorick Collection

Mr Twentieth-Century Still-Life: 19 of his table-top pictures, with their close but tense families of bottles, jugs and pots - plus work by contemporaries. To 19 Sept

Susan Hiller Delfina Gallery

"Psi Girls": a rapid fire five-screen video installation, using sampled SFX sequences from movies about girls with supernatural powers. Deranged. To 4 July

Raphael and his Circle The Queen's Gallery

Seventy works on paper, including a handful of stunners. Raphael's The Three Graces is still one of the best drawings in the world. To 10 Oct

Bob Law Marlene Eleini

New paintings by veteran British minimalist, once famous for his plain black canvasses, but more lately blossoming into primary colours and elemental motifs. To 27 Jun

Shape of the Century Salisbury Festival

One hundred years of British sculpture - and they're all here: Epstein, Gaudier, Gill, Moore, Hepworth, Caro, Armitage, Shanks, Frink, Long, Cragg, Kapoor, Gormley, Whiteread. To 19 Aug

The Pleasures of Peace Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Mid-century art and craft in Britain: an alternative cultural history. From wartime olde Arcadian revivalism to Sixties psychedelia. To 20 Jun

Kenneth Martin Kettle's Yard, Cambridge

Late work by the late American systems-artist: abstracts, sculptures, constructed entirely from the operation of rules or of chance. To 20 June

Rodin in Lewes Town Hall, Lewes

The Kiss comes home to the town where it was first exhibited in 1914, to general disgust - and a small Rodin show marks its temporary return. To 30 Oct

As Dark as Light Tate, St Ives

New art commissions responding, in advance, to the August total eclipse of the sun - including Georgian artist Gia Edzgveradze's installation on Zoroastrian themes. To 31 Oct