ART / Win a trip to Ruskin's Tuscany

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Independent readers are offered the chance to win a trip for two to Florence, flying Air UK from Stansted and staying for two nights at the luxury Hotel Medici. Answer the three questions below:

1. What Tuscan building did Ruskin describe as 'One large piece of engraving'?

2. Ruskin, in his 'Political Economy of Art' made many references to the fresco cycle The Allegory of Good Government. In which building and city are these paintings to be found?

3. What did Ruskin consider to be his 'ideal of Christian sculpture', and where is it?

Answers on a postcard to Ruskin Competition, The Independent, 40 City Rd, London EC1Y 2DB, to arrive no later than 12 Jan.

The prize is for two people and must be taken by 27 March 1993. Dates subject to availability. Accommodation includes board and continental buffet breakfast.

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