ART / Gallery Openings

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CARDIFF National Museum of Wales Annie Leibovitz Photographs 1970-1990. The 10th and final venue exhibiting the work of one of the most prominent portrait photographers of her generation. Cathays Park (0222- 397951). 26 Aug-13 Nov. Tue-Sat 10.00-5.00, Sun 2.30-5.00. Closed Mondays except Bank holidays and half-term; adults pounds 2.50, children pounds 1.25, concessions pounds 1.85, American Express cardmembers are admitted free.

GLASGOW Assembly Gallery Joint exhibition of the work of five recent graduates from Glasgow School of Art, including fine art printmaking, environmental art and ceramics. Students Association Building, 168 Renfrew Street. To 3 Sept. 11.00-5.00.

LONDON Chelsea College of Art and Design An exhibition of work by graduating Master's Degree students in fine arts. Manresa Road SW3 (071-351 3844). 1-8 Sept. Daily 10.00-8.00; free.

LONDON Culpepper Community Garden Activated Wall - an installation by Rayna Nadeem. Five hundred clear plastic windmills attached to an Islington pub wall with the intention of breathing life into bricks and mortar. Cloudesley Road, Islington N1, on the wall belonging to the King of Denmark pub (071-833 4210). To 5 Sept.

LONDON The Ice House Flowers, pots and fat ladies. Sue Clark, David Henderson, Sue Ribbans. In Holland Park, off Kensington High Street, Kensington W8 (071-603 1123) 27 Aug-11 Sept. 11.00-7.00.


ARUNDEL Gallery Trail 1994 Over 40 exhibitions in private homes and galleries in which Arundel artists open their homes and workshops to exhibit their work. Sculpture, ceramics, textiles, paintings, print and photography. Free map available from the box office (0903-883474). 27 Aug-4 Sept. All venues open daily 2.00-5.00; free.

COLCHESTER The Minories Gallery The Best Art from Essex. 74 High Street (0206 577067). To 25 Sept. Tue-Sat 10.00-5.00, Sun 2.00-4.00; free.

LEICESTER The Woods Gallery Shauna Richardson. Born in Northern Ireland but now based in Leicester, she has worked in a variety of locations including Norfolk and the south of France. The influence of Expressionist and Fauvist masters Van Gogh, Munch and Macke is apparent. 17 King Street (0533 471067) 26 Aug-22 Sept. Mon-Sat 10.00- 6.00; free.

LONDON Art East Gallery Stephen Harwood - East End Paintings. Vibrant contemporary images of various geographical locations in London's East End. 7 Lamb Street, Old Spitalfields Market E1 (071-375 3472). 2- 22 Sept. Mon-Fri 11.00-4.00, Sun 11.00-5.00, late opening Thur 6.00-8.30; free.

LONDON Arthouse Gallery Exhibition of large printed hangings, prints on paper, cloth and photography, produced during workshops for women aged 10-25. 140 Lewisham Way SE14 (081-694 9011). 31 Aug-11 Sept. Wed- Sun 11.00-6.00; free.

LONDON Chris Beetles The Gallery Artists summer show. Featuring the work of Paul Riley, Tony Porter and Lesley Fotherby. 8&10 Ryder Street, St James's SW1 (071-839 7551). 24 Aug-28 Sept. Mon-Sat 10.00-5.30; free.

LONDON Morley Gallery North Lambeth Day Centre Users of the Art Room. Ceramics, photography and enamel jewellery. All work is for sale and the proceeds go directly to the artists. 61 Westminster Bridge Road SE1 (071-928 8501). 23 Aug-1 Sept. Mon-Fri 10.00- 5.00; free.

LONDON Tom Allen Arts Centre The Name of the Father - an exhibition by Christopher Lienhard. Grove Crescent Road E15 (081-519 6818). 30 Aug-14 Sept. Mon-Fri 10.00-6.00; free.

LONDON Tricycle Gallery Recent collaborative drawings of Hannah Horsfall and Malcolm Bell. Tricyle Theatre, 269 Kilburn High Road NW6 (071-328 1000). 30 Aug-1 Oct. Mon-Sat 10.30-10.30; free.

LONDON Woodlands Gallery Alexander Rodchenko and Michael Ward. A Russian and an English photographer. Rodchenko, who died in 1956 and was a pioneer of Constructivism, has made more impact in the West than any other Russian photographer with his unusual angles and viewpoints. Ward worked for many years as a photographer on the Evening Standard and the Sunday Times and was recently shown at the National Portrait Gallery. 90 Mycenae Road SE3 (081-858 5847). 27 Aug-25 Sept. Daily 11.00-5.00, Sun 2.00-5.00, not Wednesday; free.