Beach provides inspiration for large-scale public projects

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A 10-acre (4 hectare) field in the UK has been transformed into a shimmering sea of light, marking the first of many recycled material public artworks.

More than 600,000 unwanted CDs were donated to create the large-scale "CD Sea" project, envisioned by British-based artist Bruce Munro.

CD Sea is the first of many large-scale, self-funded projects set to be erected in the Long Knoll Field near Kilmington, UK. The projects will rely on community participation and will turn recycled or discarded materials into awe-inspiring sculptures and installations.

The project was inspired by a visit to Australia, where the artist became mesmerized with the light reflecting off the water at the beach.

In Los Angeles, the beach is also inspiration for the largest public art project to be undertaken in the US. Almost 6,000 children and 2,500 adult volunteers rallied together to transform LA's coastline and lifeguard towers into a large-scale public artwork.

There, 52,000 hand-painted panel sections were installed on the lifeguard towers for the "Summer of Color," a project conceived and developed by Portraits of Hope.

The Summer of Color exhibition will be on display until October.

CD Sea will remain on show in the Long Knoll Field for two months.