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Three very different examples of early artistic exuberance are currently on view in London's galleries. This is the final week in which to catch the National Gallery's well-presented and thoughtful exhibition examining the early work of Michelang elo. Ofprimary interest is the Entombment, much disputed as to attribution, but without doubt a painting of great emotive beauty. No such problem invests the early drawings of Andy Warhol on view at Anthony d'Offay. Their outrageously baroque meandering s on the themes of shoes, cats and clothes, all reveal the hand of the future Pop artist.

A young artist who has not yet realised her full potential is 22-year-old Wendy Connelly. Her most recent works, now on view at The Bernard Jacobson Gallery, are larger than usual atmospheric studies of the Lake District which evince an increasing interest in abstraction and hint at a promising future.