Alexander Ponomarev's Sea Stories - a preview

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The first UK-based solo exhibition of work by Russian artist Alexander Ponomarev opens in London next week.

‘Sea Stories’ is a collection of pieces which draw upon Ponomarev’s background in nautical engineering and early career as a submariner.

The exhibition is comprised of installations, photographs, drawings and films.

The centre piece of the show is Base (2003), a 9 metre long horizontal tube filled with water which forms a tunnel within which a small submarine makes its trajectory.

Another notable work, the film Maya: A Lost Island (2000), sees the 5th fleet of the Russian Navy persuaded by Ponomarev to lay a smokescreen in front of the island of Sedioyatyl, causing its landmass to gradually disappear and become invisible.

The Calvert 22 gallery where the show is taking place is a specialist not-for-profit foundation specialising in contemporary art from Russia and Eastern Europe.

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‘Alexander Ponomarev: Sea Stories’ opens 6 October until 21 November 2010 at Calvert 22, London