Angelic Iron Lady, Queen Victoria, cruel Milk Snatcher...ten portraits of Maggie Thatcher


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Since her death ten days ago many people have said Lady Margaret Thatcher "divided opinion". Likewise her appearance: at once strong and powerful, her sharp blue suits, immovable hair and that ubiquitous handbag; and at the same time vulnerable, those watery eyes, the slightly turned down mouth. And then there are the Spitting Image puppets, the newspaper cartoons and the parodies that loom larger than the woman herself.

An exhibition bringing together a large number of portraits of Baroness Thatcher, some produced during her Premiership, others a response to her legacy and death, opens tomorrow.

Art Below's Thatcheristic opens at London's Gallery Different today featuring work by ten different artists.

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Selected works from the exhibition are due to feature at Westminster tube station from the 22 April including a large pixellated close-up of Margaret Thatcher’s tearful eye whilst leaving Downing Street for the last time by Saatchi New Sensations Winner Jonny Briggs.

“All the artists in the show have one thing in common, we all grew up as Thatcher’s children,” says Ben Moore, Director of Art Below.

“Some of the artists like Peter Kennard whose depiction of Thatcher is in the Tate Collection already have work at hand, however some artists are creating work specially for the show like Carne Griffiths and Matt Small."

"Thatcher’s recent death has highlighted the divide in people’s thoughts and feelings towards her, I hope this exhibition reflects this in a visual way.”

From 18-28 April, Gallery Different,